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New European Strategies



New European Strategies is working on a vision for a more secure international order, strengthening Europe’s trade relations with the world. Our aim is to define the future of European security and to educate young European elites.

We are creating an important forum for developing mechanisms and cooperation in the areas of security, energy, finance and banking, transportation, diplomacy and other economic and political areas. 

Think-tank is designed to be an integrator of various business industries creating the necessary discussion forums. We are taking action to improve the business mechanism for cooperation and encourage them to develop joint projects between stakeholders from diverse industries.

Our core activity is based on providing valuable analysis for decision-makers and businesses in the areas of our specialities.

Our recommendations are intended to serve as a „roadmap” for policymakers and business people when making key decisions.

The geopolitical game of powers is returning to Power Politics, abandoning the constructivist international order. Regional powers are consolidating their influence in the immediate neighborhood and expanding by competing for advantages in so-called crush zones.

This creates a problem in maneuvering on the international stage for medium-sized countries. They must skillfully form a system of alliances and selectively determine areas for modernizing their economic and military capabilities.

The moment which woke up the world was the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. Britain's departure from the European Union triggered a shift in the balance of power in Europe. The international economic order faces the challenge of decoupling supply chains. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the emerging trends of world polycentrization.

A great test for the international order and the agility of countries is the ongoing war in Ukraine.

What really matters in the game of powers is the ability to gamble with their power in time and space, not the game of statistics.